Eat Only While Seated (to help cut down on compulsive eating)

“Honey,” I importuned, “please sit down and eat some veggie bean soup with me to help make up for that yucky meal you had at Burger Night.”

run-to-eat“Oh, I didn’t eat. Didn’t have time. I barely ate anything,” he insisted when I rolled my eyes in recollection of previous burger nights I’d attended. (Remind me later and I’ll tell you what a high-nutrient vegan eats at burger night.) Continue reading


You Can’t Really Control What You Eat (damn!)

cookie-jarIn your efforts to adopt a nutrient-rich eating style, have you ever—after a mac and cheese rampage, maybe—chastised yourself with, “I’ve just GOT to make healthier food choices!” Or perhaps, upon emptying the cookie jar, “I just gotta stay motivated, stay focused! [then I’ll be able to stick to a healthy diet].” Continue reading

So What DO You Eat (if you don’t eat meat, bread, cheese, or olive oil)?

you-areAs a nutrient-rich vegan, people often ask me what I eat. When I tell ‘em, “fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, and seeds,” they almost always respond, “Oh, I eat most of that stuff, too.”

Now, usually I’m having this conversation with someone who’s overweight or someone who’s had a life-threatening health event like a stroke or heart attack, and usually this person wants to believe they eat healthfully (don’t we all?). When I emphasize to them that fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, and seeds are ALL I eat, then begins the hemmin’ and hawin’. Continue reading

Breadstick Dilemma

Today I discuss a brief skirmish with some doughy, extra-cheese bread sticks and parenthetically highlight the tools I used to come out on top.

breadsticks-2I’m so pleased with myself (savor your success1)! I just defenestrated three of the five cheese-stuffed bread sticks my neighbor gave me from her bi-weekly “hen” gathering. You see, even though I have a number of years of nutritarian eating under my belt, I still have weak moments—especially those involving free bread, cheese, and chocolate. Continue reading