Lies Are Full of Empty Calories

Recently, one of my CashYourDieters told me this story. She was hungry, having eaten only strawberries for breakfast due to an unexpected change in her usual routine. It was 1:00 p.m., and it seems she had been conniving for the last hour to “reward” herself with some innocent, unplanned morsel.

rewardWe had a phone session scheduled for that day, but she’d been mostly following her food plan, she told herself, so she wouldn’t really need to confess this little indiscretion to me. Luckily, this dieter has been practicing the tools of CrashYourDiet™ for a couple of months now, and several of them came to her rescue just as she began backing out of the garage, on her way to procure this extra-curricular comestible.

“I can’t do this!” she thought. “Lying to Caroline doesn’t make the calories go away. Besides, I have a yummy salad waiting for me at home.”

With that, she parked the car and went back inside.

Mind you, this can happen for anybody, these sudden changes-of-mind. All that is required is some dedication to the long-term practice of the tools and strategies in this blog.

Ponder this
What do you tell yourself before eating something off your food plan?


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