new self pic 002Hi there. I’m Caroline, and I have a passion for helping people adopt health supporting behaviors. I also have a passion for food! Since I was a teenager, my drive towards a healthy lifestyle has often come into conflict with my penchant for chocolate cake and bread, among other savory but unhealthy foods.

       Over the years, I tried many different diets and techniques in an effort to control my tendency to overeat and make lousy food choices. This program is a culmination of the tools I’ve found most effective and those that have shown up favorably in scientific research. Also, I picked up a few tricks working on my Masters in counseling psychology.

       Today, I still love food but find it much easier to make healthy choices at meal time, and I have a plethora of healthy alternatives to emotional eating. I’ve been working with overeaters for over a decade now, and I want to quickly teach you what it took me 15 years to learn. Check out my 4-module program here.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Caroline,
    This is the first time in my entire life that I feel I have actual tools to use in combating cravings, and out-of-control eating, and believe me, I have tried everything.
    The nutritional information and food plan we are working with has changed my body from a junked-out food-addicted physiology to a clean, clear, and energetic vehicle that is quite frankly fantastic to feel.
    The new behaviors I am practicing around food are helping me to get past the counter-productive thoughts and actions that have kept me chained down in food hell for most of my life, and moving me toward a more rational, nurturing and mature relationship with myself and food.
    Thank you for your dedication, and patience, and for your uncanny ability to always ask the hard questions at the right time.
    Your grateful student,

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