Eat Only While Seated (to help cut down on compulsive eating)

“Honey,” I importuned, “please sit down and eat some veggie bean soup with me to help make up for that yucky meal you had at Burger Night.”

run-to-eat“Oh, I didn’t eat. Didn’t have time. I barely ate anything,” he insisted when I rolled my eyes in recollection of previous burger nights I’d attended. (Remind me later and I’ll tell you what a high-nutrient vegan eats at burger night.) Continue reading


Stop, Look, and Listen (before deviating from your healthy food plan)

stopGood intentions are a dime a dozen, and when it comes to switching from some version of the standard American diet (SAD) to a nutrient-rich diet, today’s take-no-prisoners commitment can easily disintegrate  into an I’ll-start-fresh-on-Monday attitude tomorrow. Continue reading

So What DO You Eat (if you don’t eat meat, bread, cheese, or olive oil)?

you-areAs a nutrient-rich vegan, people often ask me what I eat. When I tell ‘em, “fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, and seeds,” they almost always respond, “Oh, I eat most of that stuff, too.”

Now, usually I’m having this conversation with someone who’s overweight or someone who’s had a life-threatening health event like a stroke or heart attack, and usually this person wants to believe they eat healthfully (don’t we all?). When I emphasize to them that fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, and seeds are ALL I eat, then begins the hemmin’ and hawin’. Continue reading


You Are Programmed to Avoid Immediate Danger (which makes it hard to eat right)

running-scaredWhy is it so hard to stop eating foods you know are contributing to your early expiry and supplant them with foods shown in a preponderance of nutrition research to be life-promoting and disease-resisting? Continue reading


Breadstick Dilemma

Today I discuss a brief skirmish with some doughy, extra-cheese bread sticks and parenthetically highlight the tools I used to come out on top.

breadsticks-2I’m so pleased with myself (savor your success1)! I just defenestrated three of the five cheese-stuffed bread sticks my neighbor gave me from her bi-weekly “hen” gathering. You see, even though I have a number of years of nutritarian eating under my belt, I still have weak moments—especially those involving free bread, cheese, and chocolate. Continue reading


Want to Change Your Diet? (It’s easier if you change your behavior first.)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABefore leaving on vacation, my client, Sandy, had laid out a formidable plan to support herself in sticking to her new vegetable-rich way of eating. Her strategies included not only what to eat but how she would obtain said pabulum, Continue reading


Exercise Your Willpower

will-power-2Did you know that when you strengthen willpower in one area of your life, it can spill over into other areas? It’s like when you go to the gym and work your biceps—well, those stronger biceps come in handy outside the gym, too. In fact, willpower is Continue reading