Exercise Your Willpower

will-power-2Did you know that when you strengthen willpower in one area of your life, it can spill over into other areas? It’s like when you go to the gym and work your biceps—well, those stronger biceps come in handy outside the gym, too. In fact, willpower is Continue reading


Don’t Wait Until You “Feel Like It” to Take Action

dog bathHave you ever said to someone, “I need to bathe the dog, but I don’t feel like it,” to have them reply, “Well, save it ‘til tomorrow. You’ve waited this long—what’s another day”? Or maybe, “I had planned to work on the garage today but I’m really not in the mood,” followed by, “Don’t worry about it! The garage will still be there next weekend.” Continue reading

You Need Help


I few months ago, I had this conversation with Tina, a prospective client:

“How about your husband—is he on board with your desire to eat healthfully and lose weight?”

“Yes, he’s very supportivesupport,” she assured me. “He’ll help me any way he can.”

Then, a few weeks into my 10-week compulsive eating program, this conversation with Tina: Continue reading